Best Microwave Popcorn Popper 2020

Best Microwave Popcorn Popper

Popcorn is not just for the movies! With a microwave popcorn popper, you can create cinema snacks for all your favorite blockbusters right from your own kitchen. Whether you like your popcorn salty, sweet, buttery or smoking hot, a popcorn popper will get those kernels popped and not burned!

We’ve reviewed and researched the best of the best microwave popcorn poppers in this round up article to give you a comprehensive recommendation. We’ve rated the products for important buying factors like speed, reliability, ease of use and, of course, quality of popcorn.

A microwave popcorn popper will let you make popcorn in your home quickly and easily. The kernels are way cheaper than buying popcorn that’s already been popped, too! So let’s look at some of the best ones…

Best Microwave Popcorn Popper 2020

Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper

Easy to use silicone design makes it perfect for cooking up some popcorn at home!


  • Easy to use popcorn popper with safe handles so you won’t drop it.
  • Collapsible construction makes it easy to save space.
  • Eighteen different colors to choose from.
  • Made from BPA-free plastic.


  • Made in China.

This popcorn popper from Salbree’s high ratings on Amazon, 4.8 stars at time of writing, come from its ability to easily microwave popcorn with little to no burning and with a high kernel pop rate. It looks simple, but packs a powerful punch and will have you making awesome tasting popcorn in no time.

It uses a silicone design so you can add oil, butter or anything else and it won’t burn up the material. It’s simple to throw in any extra ingredients like seasoning or cheese to spice it up a bit, too!

Popco Microwave Popcorn Popper

Simple popcorn popper that comes in a wide range of different colors!


  • Holds up to 15 cups of popcorn.
  • Designed to spread heat evenly.
  • Plastic handles at the side for safety so you’re not handling a super hot container..
  • Collapsible design makes storage easy.


  • Standard non-unique design.

This Popco microwave popcorn popper packs some serious heat. Its large size means you can make lost of popcorn at a time, and you can use the microwaveable container as a dish to eat out of, saving you hassle and washing up!

A nice touch is that upon buying, Popco will send you a pdf with hundreds of popcorn recipes you can try out using avocado oil, sea salt, rosemary and more.

Great Northern Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Cool looking popcorn popper that uses stovetop heat to pop the kernels (bear in mind this can’t be used in a microwave!)


  • Stovetop design uses real heat to pop the kernels.
  • Useful handle to keep the popcorn moving and prevent burning.
  • Super easy clean up.


  • Can’t be used in a microwave.

This next item is a bit of a breakaway from the others on this list, it doesn’t use a microwave to pop the kernels but you place it on the stovetop instead.

It’s got a cool metallic design with a handle that spins – this keeps the popcorn moving inside the device and prevent the bottom of the popper burning.

The design is awesome, made of metal with a wooden handle with precision made gears made out of stainless steel. Clean up is easy, too, as you just wipe it with a paper towel and it’s good to be stored until next time. Also, word of warning: it doesn’t work on induction stoves.

HOTPOP Microwave Popcorn Popper

Simple microwave popper that leaves very few unpopped kernels.


  • This popper is known for leaving few kernels unpopped after microwaving.
  • Loads of colors to choose from.
  • Can eat straight out of the same container.


    The Hotpop is one of the highest rated popcorn poppers on Amazon and it’s easy to see why. It’s a BPA-free plastic silicone design with two handles on either side and like some of the others, you can use it to eat out of as well, so no extra cleaning for bowls or plates.

    The plastic body means it won’t warm up in the microwave and be too hot for that.

    This one is particularly good for few kernels popped when the cooking is done. You’ll find that even bagged microwave popcorn you buy from the store has more kernels in.

    Its collapsible design means it’s easy to put away when not in use. You even get 12 different colors to choose from, as well!

    Barretlgq Microwave Popcorn Popper

    Cheapest microwave popcorn popper on the list (at time of writing) but still highly rated and great for fresh popcorn at home!


    • Made from BPA free silicone plastic.
    • Won’t burn as easily as some other designs.
    • Can just pick it up and use it as a bowl for eating out of.


    • Only one color to choose from.

    The Barretlgq follows the same formula as a lot of the popcorn poppers on this list with a silcone plastic design, transparent lid and two overhangs that work as handles.

    This popcorn popper is the cheapest on the list. While these devices aren’t exactly expensive, if you want something simple that works, this one is going to be the kindest on youir wallet.

    This popcorn popper is of a similar style to some of the other top rated ones on this list. But hey, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? The build is made out of BPA free 100% silicone which isn’t easily burnable. It provides handles at the side to make it hassle free picking it up out of the microwave and onto your living room table – oh yea, you can eat out of this one as well.

    It’s reasonably priced and works well. On a batch of 1/4 cup of kernels which is equal to 1.5 ounces, you’ll get just 0.1 to 0.2 kernels that don’t get popped, pretty good going. My only criticism is that you get just the one color, red. Oh and it is made in China, like a lot of the items on this list.

    West Bend Microwave Popcorn Popper

    This great looking device isn’t for your microwave but offers authentic movie theater popcorn right in your own home.


    • Fantastic aesthetic looks just like what you get in a movie theater.
    • Large capacity offers enough popcorn for multiple people.
    • Specific technology for minimizing unpopped kernels.


    • Large device takes up plenty of space.
    • Not a microwave popcorn popper.

    This cool looking popcorn popper recreates the theater feel in your home. It’s a large 4 quart capacity and is an all-in-one machine… so you don’t need a microwave for this one.

    When you are done, the bit at the bottom slides out making it easy to access the popcorn. Also, the kettle that is used for cooking the popcorn can be removed so that you can clean it.

    Another advantage of this one is its “stir rod” that is used to mix the kernels up mid cook to minimize the number of unpopped kernels, not an option with any of the microwave popcorn poppers.

    Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper

    Cute kettle like design is super simple for cooking up some great tasting popcorn.


    • Great butter compartment lets you melt butter while you pop the popcorn.
    • Simple to use design.
    • Different options for sizes.


    • The design can make it difficult to get the last pieces of popcorn out.

    The Ecolution microwave popcorn popper has a unique “kettle shaped” design with a long handle on one side for easy handling. The idea is the shape spreads hot air evenly to prevent unpopped kernels.

    The lid is concave which means you can place some butter in there to melt while you cook your popcorn and you can drizzle the butter over at the end. This prevents soggy, wet popcorn being cooked but still lets you have delicious, buttery popcorn.

    You get two options for capacity, a 1.5 quart personal size and a 3 quart family size.

    West Bend Microwave Popcorn Popper

    Special design plugs into a wall outlet to provide heat for excellent popcorn!


    • Very reasonable price for a non-microwave popcorn popper.
    • Container that you can pull out and use.


    • It can be difficult to clean.

    The second popcorn popper from West Bend in this list plugs into a wall outlet. There are two components, the container for the popcorn which is plastic and transparent, and the kettle which plugs into the wall. You can remove the plastic container for serving once your popcorn is done.

    Its small size means that it is very reasonably priced for a non-microwave popcorn popper and gives you the advantage of more naturally cooked popcorn, just like in the movies.

    Downsides are that it can be a little hard to clean. The container is dishwasherproof but the kettle definitely is not so you’ll have to get your elbows a little dirty.

    Can You Reheat Scrambled Eggs In The Microwave?

    can you reheat scrambled eggs in the microwave

    Yesterday’s breakfast sitting in the fridge and you’re feeling a little famished? You might be interested in knowing the following…

    Can you reheat scrambled eggs in the microwave?

    Yes, you can reheat scrambled eggs in the microwave.

    They will heat easily and will be perfectly safe providing you cook them to the correct temperature – 160°F or 71°C is considered safe for eggs by the FDA.

    Reheating scrambled eggs is particularly important as the usually resilient whole eggs become much more receptive to harmful pathogens when mixed up like this.

    If you don’t have a thermometer, just make sure your eggs are piping hot before serving.

    Is it a good idea to reheat scrambled eggs in the microwave?

    If your primary motive is nice tasting eggs then reheated scrambled eggs does not really fit the bill.

    Reheating eggs of any form is not ideal. It’s impossible to get that creamy and soft texture as the eggs will have set into clumps. Also, the microwave will dry the eggs out by heating up the water inside your food which turns it into steam.

    In short, reheated scrambled eggs don’t taste great.

    On the other hand, if your priority is a quick, convenient meal then knock yourself out. It’s perfectly safe.

    How to reheat scrambled eggs in the microwave

    1. Spread the scrambled eggs across the plate.

    Microwaves can only penetrate 1-2cm into food, so by spreading your eggs out, you minimize the chances of inconsistently heated food and cool spots.

    2. Spritz a little water over the eggs.

    Adding some moisture to your eggs before it goes in the microwave helps to prevent (although is not 100% effective) at stopping the microwave drying the eggs out when reheating.

    3. Put on “High” for 20 seconds per egg.

    You can adjust heat depending on personal preference. Just remember to…

    4. Make sure they are piping hot when cooked.

    You want to make sure they are piping hot and let it cool down, this guarantees safety as the high heat will kill any harmful pathogens. Unfortunately, this high heat does cook the egg a little, as well as reheating, so your reheated scrambled egg will be firmer and more set than when you made it previously.

    Safety tips for scrambled eggs

    Scrambled eggs are one of the worst types of eggs for safety. Eggs are notably resilient to bacteria and other pathogens and stay fresh for weeks.

    In their hard or soft boiled form, they still retain much of this resilience. When scrambled, however, they become much more vulnerable and must be looked after more carefully.

    Don’t leave it in your fridge long before reheating and eating, no longer than four days. And when you reheat it’s important to make them hot.

    You could go for a cooler temperature which will probably make the eggs nicer to eat, but this is playing with fire as not reaching a high enough temperature may expose you to harmful pathogens and other undesirables.

    Can You Reheat Boiled Eggs In The Microwave?

    can you reheat boiled eggs in the microwave?

    So you’ve got a few leftover boiled eggs and you’d rather eat them hot than cold. Well, you’re in quite a pickle, there. I see why you’ve come running to the internet.

    Can you reheat boiled eggs in the microwave?

    Yes, you can reheat boiled eggs in the microwave.

    They will heat easily and will be perfectly safe providing you cook them to the correct temperature – 160°F or 71°C is considered safe for eggs by the FDA.

    Will it lead to the best or even nice tasting eggs? Read on for more.

    Is it a good idea to reheat boiled eggs in the microwave?

    If you’re only looking for a convenient way to heat up boiled eggs then the microwave works well. On the other hand, it’s not the perfect way to reheat them from a culinary perspective.

    Reheating eggs in any way is not ideal. This particular food does not lend itself well to being anywhere near as nice or tasty when cooked for a second time.

    For boiled eggs, in particular, the texture will not be as soft as when first cooked and also the process of reheating will overcook things a little too. Your soft boiled egg may become a hard boiled egg, for instance.

    How to reheat boiled eggs in the microwave

    Here’s a quick step-by-step to reheating your boiled eggs.

    1. Pierce the skin with a fork a few times.

      Steam will build up inside the egg as it’s heating, a few holes will let this steam escape so you aren’t scraping remains of egg from the inside walls of your microwave once you’re done.

      The shell of the egg should definitely be removed. Otherwise, there is no way of steam escaping and will lead to a messy explosion.
    2. Put it in for 15-20 seconds on high.

      A boiled egg will heat up very quickly in the microwave because it is small and absorbs heat quickly.

      A good rule of thumb is 15-20 seconds although you may want to start with 10 and add another 5-10 as needed.
    3. Make sure the egg is piping hot before serving/eating.

      The egg is safe when it has reached a temperature of 160°F (or 71°C). Ideally you can use a thermometer. More practically speaking, making sure the egg is piping hot will make sure it kills any harmful pathogens.
    why does the microwave spin

    Best way to reheat boiled eggs

    The traditional “best” way of reheating boiled eggs, and the one favored by many chefs, is to bring water to a boil and dunk your boiled egg in – shell or no shell – for 60-90 seconds.

    An issue with reheating boiled eggs is that the process of reheating can make them overcooked and rubbery. So aiming to cook boiled eggs before you use them would be the best advice.

    Boiled eggs kept in the fridge for less than a day are also considered safe to eat “as is”. Eggs being famously resilient to bacteria and the like (when still in the form of an egg).

    Best Retro Microwave (Review) 2020

    best retro microwave

    Nostalgia comes in many forms, and throwing back to the past in the form of microwave ovens carries a certain appeal. Perhaps you’re looking for a certain vintage style for your kitchen. Or maybe you’re just hoping for an appliance with 70s era simplicity. Either way, you’ll find many blasts from the pasts in this article.

    We’ve researched, reviewed and rated the best retro microwaves on the market. We’ve looked at things like style, simplicity, ease of use and reliability to give you a clear breakdown of a number of microwaves that are best for consumer choice of best retro microwave.

    Best Retro Microwaves 2020

    1. Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven
    2. Magic Chef Microwave Oven
    3. COMFEE Retro Style Microwave Oven
    4. Nostalgia Microwave Oven

    Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven

    Cool retro design could’ve come straight from the 50s.

    Despite its appearance, this microwave packs in loads of modern features in its minimal number of buttons.

    We’ll start with an awesome looking microwave from Daewoo, a mint green (cream and red options available too) throwback to the age where electrical appliances all looked like they were made from corrugated iron.

    It’s a small microwave, coming in at 0.7 cubic feet and a 10″ turntable with modest power output of 700W. The small size adds to the cute appeal of the microwave and is a common theme with these retro microwaves.

    The Daewoo belies its simple exterior by packing in a lot of modern functions along with its looks. You get auto cooking by weight rather than time with five different presets. Five different low power modes which gives you a good amount of control over defrosting and other lower power cooking. You even get a popcorn button and a convenient “+30s button”, I can tell you they were not on your grandparents’ microwaves, that’s for sure!

    Magic Chef Retro MCD770CW Microwave Oven

    Brilliantly simple microwave is operated entirely with only two dials!

    High average reviews and few reports of issues shows this microwave is a consumer favorite.

    Next up we’ve got a gorgeous little masterpiece from Magic Chef. This microwave takes bygone simplicity to a new level, simply having only two dials and no other input.

    The top dial is for power level, with seven in total marked in roman numerals and one labeled defrost. The bottom dial counts minutes cooking in one minute increments up to 10 and then five minute increments up to 35.

    The look is completed with a door handle which is used to open the microwave. The lack of options make for a pleasing aesthetic but mean you need to know your way around a microwave to do certain things. Popping popcorn or melting butter, for instance, is still achievable, but there’s no easy button that tells you what to do.

    Again, we’re looking at a small microwave which is low in power at 0.7 cubic feet with a 10″ turntable and 700W of power. Nothing extraordinary, but enough to get the job done.

    The Magic Chef enjoys a stunning rating of 4.5 on Amazon reviews. Click the link to read more, but safe to say, this one leads to few problems in the future and a lot of happy customers. Best of all, the price is very reasonable compared with others on this list.

    COMFEE Retro Style Countertop Microwave Oven

    Superb range of features considering its retro look.

    Three choices of different colors for you to choose your favorite.

    Another cute retro design with pull out door and options of red, green and cream (I guess those are retro colors?)… you’re probably spotting a theme here…

    Like most of these retro microwaves that are aiming for the “small but cute” angle, it’s a 0.7 cubic feet capacity with 10″ turntable and a relatively low 700W power.

    At first glance, this microwave seems to be super simple, but it actually manages to pack in a large number of features in its simple design. You get nine different preset options including popcorn and defrost settings, among others.

    A full 10 power levels is nice too, a whole lot of control over different power levels especially useful if you like niche uses of the microwave like softening butter which ideally uses a 10% power level.

    Throw in an “eco mode”, child safety lock and convenient “+30 second” button and you’ll feel like a king using a super modern 21st century microwave with all its features.

    Nostalgia RM07AQ Microwave Oven

    Retro microwave with an LED display that still manages to have a retro feel to it.

    Choice of both 0.7 cubic feet 700W and 0.8 cubic feet 800W options.

    The next microwave is another cool looking retro type deal with chrome door handle, and old style buttons and dial. Even the LED display manages to look both retro and modern at the same time.

    Lots of pre-programmed settings with this microwave, a total of 12 which you can see as little icons around the time on the LED display. The microwave makes the most of its few buttons although this does make using all those features a little tricky at first while you work out what everything does.

    The Nostalgia brand actually offers two retro microwaves of the same kind. One is the standard for retro microwaves at a 0.7 cubic feet and 700W. They also offer a 0.9 cubic feet and 800W one, too. A bit bigger and a decent amount more powerful in case you prefer faster cooking times. The design is also slightly different (some might say even more retro!) so if you like the look of these, click the link and check them out.

    Not what you were looking for?

    You’ll notice that the best retro microwaves all tend to be of a similar ilk. Small size, modest power with a smattering of features. All red, cream or mint green color, too.

    If you’re looking for a microwave that is a bit more robust then you might want to check out this article on the best microwaves right now. They aren’t retro, unfortunately. But they are larger and more powerful and come with a huge array of features that’ll make your cooking super easy. Click the link if that sounds more like your cup of tea.

    Best Microwave Steamer (Reviews) 2020

    best microwave steamer

    Are you looking to steam vegetables quickly and easily? Your microwave is the perfect tool for cooking broccoli, carrots, cauliflower or any other healthy veggies for your meal. No need to mess around with boiling water. And steam is just water vapour, not oil or any other fats making your food unhealthy. Also, this low stress way of cooking actually destroys the least nutrients from any way of cooking vegetables!

    The easiest way to get delicious steamed vegetables is to use a dedicated microwave steamer. We’ve tested, research and reviewed the best microwave steamers on the market to give you a comprehensive roundup of the best available. We looked at features like ease of use, quality of cooking, reliability, and durability.

    1. OXO Good Grips Microwave Steamer
    2. EuChoiz Microwave Steamer
    3. Sistema Microwave Steamer
    4. Progressive International Mini Microwave Steamer
    5. Pampered Chef Microwave Steamer
    6. Norpro Microwave Steamer

    Best Microwave Steamer (Reviews) 2020

    OXO Good Grips Microwave Steamer

    Great design is easy to use and as safe as can be.

    The adjustable top vent allows you to have full control over how much or how little you want your food to be steamed.

    Our first choice of microwave steamer is this effort from OXO. It’s a simple design with a smaller red container where you put your veggies or fish or whatnot that goes inside the main container. This means it’s easy and safe to pull out your food when it’s done.

    The lid opens up halfway for you to put your food inside and you have nice breathable air holes at the top to prevent build up of steam.

    The OXO has an adjustable top vent so you can change how much steam is being let out compared to how much steam is staying inside the container and cooking your food.

    This gives you full control over how your food is steamed, nice if you feel it gets cooked a little too quickly and you want to turn it down a touch.

    It’s built with safety in mind, too. The lid can be easily opened without picking the whole thing up which might get hot.

    The inner steam basket has separate handles too and you can pick it straight out without risking your hand getting burned by hot steam. Also, the base is designed to stand sturdily on your microwave turntable as it spins around.

    EuChoiz Microwave Steamer

    Shallow construction and transparent material is perfect for steaming large amounts of veggies in the microwave.

    Completely bendable, flexible plastic and collapsible design will come in useful, too.

    Our next microwave steamer is a flatter design that actually is collapsible, so when not in use it is only 1.5″ high and can be easily put away without taking up much space.

    The design itself is made of BPA free silicone and is transparent so you can easily see what your food is doing from the outside.

    The plastic itself is actually completely bendable and flexible so it will never break. You have a large lower basket and a perforated removable partition that you set just above the food to let the steam build up, and you have a lid. These parts are all separate which gives you a lot of control over how you can cook your food.

    You have options of two sizes, small and large, although do check that they will fit your microwave before buying. And all this good stuff is backed up by excellent Amazon reviews which you can read more about here.

    Sistema Microwave Steamer

    Large microwave steamer with “cool to the touch” handles and a fastenable lid.

    Three choices of sizes for all types of buyer.

    The Sistema is an Amazon’s choice brand for microwave steamer and it’s easy to see why. Its simple design consists of three parts of BPA free plastic, a large base container, a small removable container where you put what you want to steam in (this is take outable with cool-to-the-touch handles) and a fastenable lid that has a steam vent.

    The unique design of its vented lid works really well for cooking food, particularly vegetables. This allows you to have hassle-free vegetables easily with all the benefits of being the best cooking method for nutrition.

    There are three options for sizes with small, medium and large being suitable for different circumstances. the only downside is the handles can be a little small so you have to be careful when carrying them.

    Progressive International Microwave Steamer

    Smaller microwave that bills itself as a “mini microwave steamer”.

    Awesome design that works a treat all while coming in at the cheapest price of anything on this list.

    This microwave steamer comes in at a bargain basement price and is one of the cheapest in the list. It actually bills itself as a “mini microwave steamer”.

    Despite the price, this steamer works great for foods like peas, mushrooms, cauliflower or broccoli. The design is more simple than others on this list with a wide, flatter base container which has a 1 quart capacity – no options for other sizes, unfortunately.

    The steamer itself works great and its small size makes it perfect for students living in dorms or those in small apartments in the big city as it can be easily stored away when not in use.

    It’s suitable for high heat cooking, is BPA free and microwave and dishwasher safe, what more could you ask for?

    Pampered Chef Microwave Steamer

    Wide rim and deep bowl-like design makes it very versatile, suitable for steaming but also general microwave use.

    Useful “draining” function that allows you to easily remove excess moisture from your food.

    Our next microwave steamer has a wide rim and deep base, kind of like a deep bowl or a bucket. This makes it perfect for those who want to do more than just steaming as it is perfect for cooking rice and pasta in the microwave (yes you can do that!). And of course, something like soup would be really easy as well.

    What makes it even better is its draining function that lets liquids seep out the bottom when you are done, meaning your foods won’t be getting all soggy and wet and you don’t even need to use a colander!

    It’s a sturdy looking device that is easy to use and has all the useful features you’d expect of any good microwave steamer. It’s easy to see why this has such high customer reviews…

    Norpro Microwave Steamer

    Natural draining function by placing your food in a basket.

    Do bear in mind this is not the largest microwave steamer.

    This next microwave steamer makes it onto this list because of its removable insert. You place this in the larger device and it gives you a lot of flexibility.

    It acts as a natural drainer so vegetables will not become mushy and soggy. It also can be completely removed if you want to use the device for something larger that you would need a bowl for, and you have a perfectly microwaveable one here.

    The handles on the side make it safe to use for all the family – no risk of burns or dropping a bowl of food! It can also be used in the oven or broiler which makes it perfect if you need to do a little browning or melting as you can just move this microwave steamer straight from the microwave to the oven!

    You get a choice of bright green or bright red. Do bear in mind that it’s not the largest steamer on this list and is probably not suitable for a full family meal.

    Does The Microwave Kill Mold?

    does the microwave kill mold

    The answer to this is no, a microwave cannot reliably kill or deactivate mold.

    Mold is a fungus whose colonies can grow to be large relative to your microwave. Mold is not like bacteria or a virus that can be deactivated at high temperatures.

    It is also not like bacteria or a virus in the sense that they are microscopic and invisible to the human eye. Mold is large, visible and must be cleaned out of a microwave.

    The best way to treat mold is to use vinegar whose high acid will kill the mold then scrub the mold away until it is completely removed. Even if you could kill it, you run the risk of letting byproducts or toxins remain in your microwave if you don’t fully clean it out.

    Also, if the mold keep reappearing then it is probably in the walls of your microwave and it’s time to buy a new microwave (and begin a new resolution on keeping your microwave clean and dry!)

    Can You Sterilize A Sponge With A Microwave?

    can you sterilize a sponge with a microwave

    Yes, you can use your microwave to sterilize a sponge. But there are caveats and you need to be careful how you do it.

    Firstly, it’s extremely difficult to properly sterilize anything, in the sense that you are trying to kill all bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

    In a lab, you would sterilize by using a combination of extremely high heat – far higher than what you can produce in your kitchen – and high pressure.

    The thing is, you don’t need perfect sterilization to improve the hygiene of your kitchen, and your microwave can help you do that by sterilizing a sponge.

    The way to do this is outlined well by this study [1]. Basically, two minutes of high power will kill 99% of pathogens including things like e coli. This is a good rule of thumb to work with as it’s helpful and easy to do.

    To kill nearly all pathogens you must put it in on high for 10 mins. Making this a regular routine with sponges can improve the hygiene of your kitchen and hopefully help the health of your family.



    Does The Microwave Kill Salmonella?

    does the microwave kill salmonella

    Salmonella is a type of bacterial infection. Your microwave oven is highly effective at killing bacteria when used correctly.

    The CDC recommends you heat your food to 167°F (75°C) to make it safe to eat. At that temperature, most bacterial, viral and other pathogens, including salmonella, will become inactivated.

    For salmonella, this study [4] shows that even 150°F is enough to destroy salmonella to undetectable levels.

    These data indicate that heating perishable foods of the type studied to 150 F and holding every particle of food at this temperature for at least 12 min reduces 10 million or less salmonellae or staphylococci per gram to nondetectable levels.

    The microwaves themselves (short length radio waves) do not kill bacteria directly but the can be killed by the heat produced by the microwaves.

    The best course of action is to use a thermometer to check your food has reached the right temperature. Be careful to check multiple points in the food to check the heat has spread evenly. Uneven heating and cool spots are a real risk with microwaves.

    If you don’t own a thermometer, aim to overheat your food in the microwave so the food is piping hot as it leaves the oven. Let it stand for 2-3 minutes for the heat to dissipate.

    When you eat, there should be no cool spots, this is dangerous as the heat may be too low to kill bacteria including salmonella.



    Does The Microwave Kill Viruses?

    does the microwave kill viruses

    Your microwave oven is highly effective at killing viruses when used correctly.

    The CDC recommends you heat your food to 167°F (75°C) to make it safe to eat. At that temperature, most bacterial, viral and other pathogens will become inactivated.

    Most types of virus deactivate after exposure to a temperature somewhere between 50-70°C (122-158°F). All viruses are different, so be safe, and heat all your food to the required level of 167°F.

    The microwaves themselves (short length radio waves) do not kill viruses directly but the can be killed by the heat produced by the microwaves.

    The best course of action is to use a thermometer to check your food has reached the right temperature. Be careful to check multiple points in the food to check the heat has spread evenly. Uneven heating and cool spots are a real risk with microwaves.

    If you don’t own a thermometer, aim to overheat your food in the microwave so the food is piping hot as it leaves the oven. Let it stand for 2-3 minutes for the heat to dissipate.

    When you eat, there should be no cool spots, this is dangerous as the heat may be too low to kill viruses.



    Does The Microwave Kill Bacteria?

    does the microwave kill bacteria

    Your microwave oven is highly effective at killing bacteria when used correctly.

    The CDC recommends you heat your food to 167°F (75°C) to make it safe to eat. At that temperature, most bacterial, viral and other pathogens will become inactivated.

    The microwaves themselves (short length radio waves) do not kill bacteria directly but the can be killed by the heat produced by the microwaves.

    The best course of action is to use a thermometer to check your food has reached the right temperature. Be careful to check multiple points in the food to check the heat has spread evenly. Uneven heating and cool spots are a real risk with microwaves.

    If you don’t own a thermometer, aim to overheat your food in the microwave so the food is piping hot as it leaves the oven. Let it stand for 2-3 minutes for the heat to dissipate.

    When you eat, there should be no cool spots, this is dangerous as the heat may be too low to kill bacteria.