Best Danby Microwave Reviews 2020

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danby microwave review

A microwave oven is used for cooking, defrosting and reheating which makes it one of the most versatile home appliances in your kitchen. Whether you’re a budding chef or just an amateur looking to warm up some leftovers, having a versatile and practical microwave can help so much around the house.

Choosing a high quality microwave can be difficult for many customers. We’ve reviewed and researched to find the best Danby microwave reviews, looking at factors like ease of use, durability, reliability, and safety to give the best consumer recommendations. Read on to learn all about the best Danby microwaves on the market right now.

Best Danby Microwave Reviews

1. Danby DMW7700BLDB Microwave Oven
2. Danby DMW07A2SSDD Microwave Oven
3. Danby DMW111KPSSDD Countertop Microwave
4. Danby DMW09A2BSSDB
5. Danby Nouveau

1 Danby DMW7700BLDB

Great all round microwave that is excellent value for money and offers the super useful and timesaving feature of sensor technology.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Sensor reheating is a dream to use in the kitchen.
  • Eighteen different colors to choose from.
  • High power means you won’t be waiting all day for your microwave.


  • Basic appearance.

We’ll begin with the higher end of the Danby range and start with its 1.4 cubic feet and 1100W model. This is an above average size, good for cooking large amounts, and a power that is almost as high as anything you’ll find for home use on the market. What that means to you is rapid cooking times.

The Danby microwaves have a basic aesthetic and this one is no different. A plain black exterior that looks a little dated compared to some newer microwaves but is part the reason why these microwaves are so affordable.

Its basic appearance doesn’t mean any loss in features, however. You get a full complement of sensor reheating options where you tell the microwave what type of food it is and it will automatically heat up to the perfect temperature using its humidity sensor. You also get ten power levels, defrost by weight function, a “+30 seconds” button and a bunch more.

2 Danby DMW07A2SSDD Microwave Oven

Great all round microwave that is excellent value for money and offers the super useful and timesaving feature of sensor technology.


  • Lots of excellent user reviews.
  • Excellent microwave for those on a budget.
  • Surprisingly decent features for the price you are paying.


  • Low power can be annoying for impatient types.

Our next Danby microwave is more budget-focused with a smaller 0.7 cubic feet capacity and lower 700W power. This is the standard for small, budget microwaves and will get the job done. You might find its small size awkward though, and cooking times will not be as quick as pricier microwaves.

Featurewise, this model performs well. You get a number of pre-programmed options to take the hassle out of reheating, although sadly, but understandably, sensor reheating is not available at this price. You can cook and defrost by weight rather than time and you also have the option of a speed defrost function.

This microwave has the highest average rating of consumer reviews with 4.3 stars at over 400 reviews. This is a good metric to judge the reliability of a microwave over the long term so you may want to take that into account.

3 Danby DMW111KPSSDD Countertop Microwave

Solid middle of the range microwave with great power output and a cool retro aesthetic.


  • High power output and fast cooking times.
  • Solid all round microwave.


  • Could have more features at this price point.
  • Not much that really stands out.

Next up in our roundup is this retro looking microwave which comes in at a 1.1 cubic feet capacity and a 1100W power. This makes it middle of the range in terms of size but pretty powerful which will give you speedy cooking times.

The microwave comes with a basic set of features although nothing that’ll blow you away. Six built in presets for reheating along with reheat and defrost by weight rather than time make up the main things people will be using. A kitchen timer and ten different power levels are included as well.

Overall, this is a solid if unspectacular mid range microwave.

4 Danby DMW09A2BSSDB Microwave Oven

Modern looking microwave will tick a lot of boxes for the right person!


  • Sleek, modern aesthetic looks great.
  • Solid mid range microwave does everything you’d expect it to well.
  • “+30 seconds” button which you don’t see on many Danby microwaves.


  • Not a huge amount of features.

Next up we have a departure from the common look of the Danby microwaves with this sleek, modern design with stainless steel colored exterior. This comes in at 0.9 cubic feet and 900W power. That’s about average size wise, perhaps a touch small. In terms of power output, it’s about average too, nothing that’ll blow you away but no slouch when it comes to cooking speeds.

Like a lot of the Danby microwaves this has a fairly standard range of features to help you in the kitchen. You get your normal six presets along with weight or time defrost and speed defrost. There’s also that awesome “+30 seconds” button (which I love) and which you don’t find on all Danby’s.

5 Danby Nouveau

Retro looking microwave that’s a little low on features but could be great for someone looking for a “no frills” option.


  • Unique look could be very appealing to the right person.
  • Solid power output.


  • Unique look could be off-putting to the wrong person!
  • Quite a narrow range of features.

This last Danby microwave has a pared down look with a robotic, almost 80s vibe going on. The keypad is stripped down to its bare essentials so you get the basics and not a lot more. In terms of features, it’s got the least of any microwave on this list, so definitely one for those who don’t need any flashy tricks with their microwaves, just the simple stuff.

It’s a 1.1 cubic feet capacity which is about average and fairly spacious. That comes with a 1000W power which is pretty powerful and gives you fast cooking times.

Overall though, this unique looking microwave is mostly about the aesthetic. If you like the look of it then get it in your kitchen.

Not what you were looking for?

While Danby offers a number of different microwaves in their line, they are missing out on the top end of the microwave market where you have crazy features like Inverter Technology and super high wattage.

If you’d like to read more about other microwaves you’d be interested in then I recommend trying this page on all the different brands of microwave being compared. Alternatively, check out the Amazon page on what is, for me, the best heavyweight microwave on the market right now.