Breville Quick Touch Microwave Review 2020

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breville quick touch microwave review

A microwave oven is a key appliance in any kitchen. Often used for heating up simple foods or reheating yesterday’s leftovers but with lots of niche uses like popping popcorn or melting chocolate, the microwave is super useful for families to have around the house.

This review article is a comprehensive analysis of the Breville Quick Touch Microwave. We’ve looked at factors like features, ease of use and reliability to give a full roundup of the best bits of this particular microwave oven. Read on for a full consumer report of this product.

Breville Quick Touch Microwave Review

The Breville Quick Touch is a fantastic microwave oven that is unlike anything else on the market. Its standout features are the LED display, packed with information, and wide range of other useful functions.

The price does come in at the top end of the range, but as always, you get what you pay for.

What We Liked

  • Very high power output
  • Fantastic and unique LED display
  • Simple but intuitive user interface
  • Fantastic range of features

What We Didn’t Like

  • Surface can scratch easily
  • Price range is definitely on the premium side

The Basics

The Breville is a smart and modern looking microwave, having a simultaneous “retro but futuristic” aesthetic and stainless steel interior.

Its interface looks simple, using mostly dials and a few buttons, but packs a lot in, as we’ll get to in the next section.

The LED display is among the best on the market, showing lots of information like weight, cook time and power level. That last one is nice as you’ll never accidentally use defrost instead of high – an easy mistake to make with microwaves.

The microwave comes in one size and power option, so no choice here. The capacity is 1.2 cubic feet with a 12.3″ diameter turntable which makes it a medium sized oven. The power output is excellent at 1100W which will make cooking speeds almost as fast as any microwave you can buy.

There are reports of cosmetic issues, unfortunately, where the painted metal on the microwave scratches off. So keep that in mind if you choose to buy this one.


The Breville scores highly in quantity and quality of features. The most notable ones are as follows.

  • Sensor reheating. Called “Sensor IQ” by Breville, sensor reheating detects humidity levels to work out the amount of time before your food is perfectly cooked. No need for guesswork on how much time to add. Just set it off and come back to perfectly heated food.
  • Lots of preset modes. On the inside of the door (shown below) you can see a number of pre-programmed options to quickly do common microwave tasks like popping popcorn or softening butter. You even get one option to save your own personal preset!
  • “+30 seconds button”. Use this to easily add on time or to do a convenient quick start by hitting the button a few times to set the amount of time you want.
  • Ten power levels. You get full control of power in 10% increments going from 10% all the way up to 100%.
  • Volume adjustment. In case you don’t like annoying, loud beeps.
  • “A bit more.” button. That adds on a touch more time calculated depending on previous time and power setting. And yes, it’s really called that.

Ease Of Use

The Breville scores highly for ease of use thanks to its simple but intuitive interface. Unlike many modern microwaves, the Breville uses a dial to select options rather than a keypad.

This makes the interface much less cluttered and works really well. It’s very simple to select what you want. You have one smaller dial to select power setting between 10% and 100% and then a larger dial that selects the amount of time.

The display is fantastic, showing far more information than any other microwave that we’ve reviewed. One example is that you can see your power level on the LED display so you’ll never accidentally use defrost 30% power when you want high 100% power.

Keeping many of the buttons on the inside of the microwave when you open the door is a nice touch that improves the aesthetic of the oven to no real detriment when you’re using it. After all, you’ll need to open the microwave at some point to put your food in.


The Breville models are a solid bet for reliability with few issues of breakdowns or faulty parts. This is evident in good (if not perfect) Amazon reviews and ratings. You can click here to read more. In short, there are a number of complaints about the high price, and a few about issues with the display not working properly.

This is all backed up with a full one year warranty on all parts.

Ease Of Use