Best Microwave Steamer (Reviews) 2020

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best microwave steamer

Are you looking to steam vegetables quickly and easily? Your microwave is the perfect tool for cooking broccoli, carrots, cauliflower or any other healthy veggies for your meal. No need to mess around with boiling water. And steam is just water vapour, not oil or any other fats making your food unhealthy. Also, this low stress way of cooking actually destroys the least nutrients from any way of cooking vegetables!

The easiest way to get delicious steamed vegetables is to use a dedicated microwave steamer. We’ve tested, research and reviewed the best microwave steamers on the market to give you a comprehensive roundup of the best available. We looked at features like ease of use, quality of cooking, reliability, and durability.

1. OXO Good Grips Microwave Steamer
2. EuChoiz Microwave Steamer
3. Sistema Microwave Steamer
4. Progressive International Mini Microwave Steamer
5. Pampered Chef Microwave Steamer
6. Norpro Microwave Steamer

Best Microwave Steamer (Reviews) 2020

OXO Good Grips Microwave Steamer

Great design is easy to use and as safe as can be.

The adjustable top vent allows you to have full control over how much or how little you want your food to be steamed.

Our first choice of microwave steamer is this effort from OXO. It’s a simple design with a smaller red container where you put your veggies or fish or whatnot that goes inside the main container. This means it’s easy and safe to pull out your food when it’s done.

The lid opens up halfway for you to put your food inside and you have nice breathable air holes at the top to prevent build up of steam.

The OXO has an adjustable top vent so you can change how much steam is being let out compared to how much steam is staying inside the container and cooking your food.

This gives you full control over how your food is steamed, nice if you feel it gets cooked a little too quickly and you want to turn it down a touch.

It’s built with safety in mind, too. The lid can be easily opened without picking the whole thing up which might get hot.

The inner steam basket has separate handles too and you can pick it straight out without risking your hand getting burned by hot steam. Also, the base is designed to stand sturdily on your microwave turntable as it spins around.

EuChoiz Microwave Steamer

Shallow construction and transparent material is perfect for steaming large amounts of veggies in the microwave.

Completely bendable, flexible plastic and collapsible design will come in useful, too.

Our next microwave steamer is a flatter design that actually is collapsible, so when not in use it is only 1.5″ high and can be easily put away without taking up much space.

The design itself is made of BPA free silicone and is transparent so you can easily see what your food is doing from the outside.

The plastic itself is actually completely bendable and flexible so it will never break. You have a large lower basket and a perforated removable partition that you set just above the food to let the steam build up, and you have a lid. These parts are all separate which gives you a lot of control over how you can cook your food.

You have options of two sizes, small and large, although do check that they will fit your microwave before buying. And all this good stuff is backed up by excellent Amazon reviews which you can read more about here.

Sistema Microwave Steamer

Large microwave steamer with “cool to the touch” handles and a fastenable lid.

Three choices of sizes for all types of buyer.

The Sistema is an Amazon’s choice brand for microwave steamer and it’s easy to see why. Its simple design consists of three parts of BPA free plastic, a large base container, a small removable container where you put what you want to steam in (this is take outable with cool-to-the-touch handles) and a fastenable lid that has a steam vent.

The unique design of its vented lid works really well for cooking food, particularly vegetables. This allows you to have hassle-free vegetables easily with all the benefits of being the best cooking method for nutrition.

There are three options for sizes with small, medium and large being suitable for different circumstances. the only downside is the handles can be a little small so you have to be careful when carrying them.

Progressive International Microwave Steamer

Smaller microwave that bills itself as a “mini microwave steamer”.

Awesome design that works a treat all while coming in at the cheapest price of anything on this list.

This microwave steamer comes in at a bargain basement price and is one of the cheapest in the list. It actually bills itself as a “mini microwave steamer”.

Despite the price, this steamer works great for foods like peas, mushrooms, cauliflower or broccoli. The design is more simple than others on this list with a wide, flatter base container which has a 1 quart capacity – no options for other sizes, unfortunately.

The steamer itself works great and its small size makes it perfect for students living in dorms or those in small apartments in the big city as it can be easily stored away when not in use.

It’s suitable for high heat cooking, is BPA free and microwave and dishwasher safe, what more could you ask for?

Pampered Chef Microwave Steamer

Wide rim and deep bowl-like design makes it very versatile, suitable for steaming but also general microwave use.

Useful “draining” function that allows you to easily remove excess moisture from your food.

Our next microwave steamer has a wide rim and deep base, kind of like a deep bowl or a bucket. This makes it perfect for those who want to do more than just steaming as it is perfect for cooking rice and pasta in the microwave (yes you can do that!). And of course, something like soup would be really easy as well.

What makes it even better is its draining function that lets liquids seep out the bottom when you are done, meaning your foods won’t be getting all soggy and wet and you don’t even need to use a colander!

It’s a sturdy looking device that is easy to use and has all the useful features you’d expect of any good microwave steamer. It’s easy to see why this has such high customer reviews…

Norpro Microwave Steamer

Natural draining function by placing your food in a basket.

Do bear in mind this is not the largest microwave steamer.

This next microwave steamer makes it onto this list because of its removable insert. You place this in the larger device and it gives you a lot of flexibility.

It acts as a natural drainer so vegetables will not become mushy and soggy. It also can be completely removed if you want to use the device for something larger that you would need a bowl for, and you have a perfectly microwaveable one here.

The handles on the side make it safe to use for all the family – no risk of burns or dropping a bowl of food! It can also be used in the oven or broiler which makes it perfect if you need to do a little browning or melting as you can just move this microwave steamer straight from the microwave to the oven!

You get a choice of bright green or bright red. Do bear in mind that it’s not the largest steamer on this list and is probably not suitable for a full family meal.