Best Microwave Egg Cooker 2020

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best microwave egg cooker

Poached, scrambled, boiled or fried, eggs are a delicious way to start your day. And there’s nothing easier than using your microwave oven to cook some eggs up in 30 seconds flat. No clean up, either! Sounds good for a home-cooked breakfast, no?

With a specially made microwave egg cooker, making eggs in a microwave is a breeze. And this article is the right place to find the best recommendation and reviews on the best microwave egg cooker on the market right now. We’ve rated the following microwave egg cookers on their functionality, reliability and the best specific usage.

Let’s get to it!

Best Microwave Egg Cooker 2020

  1. Best For Scrambled Eggs: Sistema Easy Eggs Cookware
  2. Best For Poached Eggs: Cozilife Egg Poacher
  3. Best For Breakfast Sandwiches: Toysdone Eggwich Microwave Egg Cooker
  4. Best For Boiled Eggs: Coxeer Microwave Egg Boiler
  5. Best For Two Eggs: Norpro Microwave Double Egg Poacher
  6. Best For Omelets: Snips Microwave Egg Cookware

Sistema Easy Eggs Cookware

Larger design fits two eggs in with enough space to give it a quick whisk – perfect for super fast scrambled eggs!

Steam vent prevents mini explosions getting splatter on the inside of your microwave.

The Sistema is a simple design composed of a cylindrical container in which you crack your eggs. It’s large enough that you can crack two eggs in and whisk it a little before putting in the microwave making it perfect for cooking up scrambled eggs.

You can also fill it with cheese or ham and turn it into a simple omelet. The size is around 5 inches in diameter which also means you can use it for an easy layer of egg in muffins or sandwiches.

It has a lid with steam vent which means it’s super simple to cover the eggs while they are cooking. This means less splatter to clean up from the inside of your microwave.

The device is super easy to use around the kitchen as it’s freezer and dishwasher safe. They can also stack onto each other making them easy for storage. Oh yea, and it’s made of pure BPA free plastics, so you can rest easy on that front, too.

Cozilife Microwave Egg Poacher

Take the hassle out of poached eggs by using these little devices to do it in your microwave.

If you have more time, these things double up as being able to be used in a saucepan for more authentic poached eggs.

These next egg cookers are designed with one thing in mind: poaching eggs. Making poached eggs is usually a bunch of hassle getting everything set up but it couldn’t be easier with the Cozilifes.

Just crack your eggs into these devices and set them off in the microwave. Come back in 40 seconds to awesome poached eggs.

If you have a little more time, you can get more authentic poached eggs by using the same devices in a saucepan of boiling water. Plop the eggs in inside the Cozilifes and it wil poach the eggs nice and easily, with none of the risk of having your egg mix into the water in the pan!

The cute design is sure to be a hit with all the family and each set of 4 comes in four different, unique colors.

Toysdone Microwave Egg Cooker

These microwave egg cookers are designed to be the perfect fit for your breakfast sandiwch or muffin.

You get two egg cookers in a pack that can be used together or separately.

Our next set of microwave egg cookers sell themselves on being the perfect size for a breakfast sandwich or muffin. Recreate your favorite morning snack from McDonald’s with one of these babies.

The eggs themselves come out like perfectly round poached eggs. It is recommended to pierce the egg yolk with a fork before microwaving to prevent explosions so the white and yolk will mix up a bit.

You always have the handy lid to cover the eggs while cooking to prevent any unwanted splatter on the inside of your microwave.

The plastic is totally BPA and pthalate free as well as being safe to use in dishwasher and freezer.

Coxeer Microwave Egg Boiler

The Coxeer goes straight into your microwave and comes out with perfectly cooked soft, medium or hard boiled eggs.

You fill the device up with water which then gets heated – this makes the cooking process similar to if you boiled the eggs in a pan.

Next up we have a device that can be used to boil eggs in a microwave. This one can be a real timesaver given how finicky it can be to make boiled eggs using a saucepan.

The way it works is similar to the usual method for boiling. You fill the device’s lower section up with water which then gets heated and boils the eggs. This is what allows you to get perfectly cooked boiled eggs without removing the shell.

It’s simple enough to adjust the time depending on if you want to make soft, medium or hard boiled eggs, too.

It has a maximum capacity of four eggs but you can use less, even just one, if you prefer. When it finishes the device can be pretty hot so make sure to use oven gloves when removing it from the microwave.

Norpro Microwave Double Egg Poacher

This egg cooker is simple and gets the job done well. Perfect if you want to cook two separate eggs at a time.

Excellent design makes cleaning up a breeze, and the construction stays stable so won’t tip over at the slightest nudge.

This egg poacher gets great reviews and it’s easy to see why. It does the simple things well, offering two spaces for you to crack your eggs with dishwasher safe plastic and an easily removable lid.

The design is structured well so it stays stable even when given a little shake or a nudge. This is useful when you’re making eggs as the goop from eggs that haven’t been cooked yet can make a real mess with just the smallest spill.

Very easy to clean when finished, you won’t be spending precious time scrubbing little bits of egg from hard to reach places with this egg cooker.

Snips Microwave Egg Cookware

Long, wide base makes this microwave egg cooker an excellent choice for those who prefer their eggs done as an omelet.

It’s simple to add extra toppings to give a bit of “oomph” to your breakfast.

Our last microwave egg cooker fulfills the need of those who like a breakfast omelet. The wide and long base gives you a nice opening to crack your eggs into, give them a quick stir and they’re ready to be put in the microwave. A few minutes on medium power and your omelet is ready.

The Snips device itself is quite spacious, leaving lots of room for any extras you might want to add. You can put your toppings in at the start, but another option is to let the eggs set a little bit, maybe halfway through, then add the toppings to give them some time to heat up.

The device functions really well as a makeshift bowl so you can eat your food straight out of it. Perfect for those who want a convenient breakfast with a minimum of cleaning up.